Angel Readings by Gigi
Gigi with the flowers

Angels are intermediaries between the physical and the non-physical realm.  They have appeared in all major religions through the centuries, acting as messengers, mediators and menders between Heaven and Earth. Angels are assigned to us for guidance, protection and love.   They protect us in times of danger and comfort us in times of sadness.   They love us unconditionally.  Even if a situation does not seem to have an immediate solution, our Angels can give us a new perspective of hope, strength and encouragement.

  • During an Angel Reading you will learn the name and nature of your personal Guardian Angel and what gifts he or she brings to you.
  • You may ask your Angel any question related to health, family matters, career, romance, home or finances.
  • You may also ask for a message from a beloved deceased one.

After the session you will experience a feeling of warmth and comfort and a new sense of clarity and purpose.  Angels see our life from a much higher perspective and they have access to insights and solutions that are beyond our human reach.  They show us how to re-write the script of our life and reclaim our balance and power.  Angels shift our perspective and as a result the world around us will shift too.

An Angel reading lasts 60 minutes and is $120.  The reading can be done in person or by phone.  To book an Angel Reading, please call or email Gigi.